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The following excerpts are quoted verbatim from client emails over the years (with permission, of course). 

Thank you — for everything. I love my site. It is exactly what I want and need. I feel you took my half-baked idea and turned it into something really great. You're so good! I feel lucky to work with you.
Stacy Malkan,

Ya know David . . . you’re really, really good! I mean, I knew you were . . . I knew how great it was to work with you, but I never realized like I do right now just how good you are at your work/art. Your style is so natural and clean, soft but powerful . . . simply simple and smart.
Jennifer Gutshall, Cooperative Development Institute

This really is amazing! It's the first time I have ever done any web editing. It's so user friendly!
Christine Badalamenti Smith, Coming Clean

Great, great, great! Artistic, we all love it!
Lee Ketelsen, Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow

Thanks so much for your help with our annual report. It really is gratifying to work with somebody who’s game is so good. It was a pleasure.
Lee Shane, EcoLogic Development Fund

And may I say, WOW, after living with our awful and totally outdated website for way too long, this is beyond fabulous. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REDESIGN!! You were right in a sense when you initially said ANYTHING would be a thousand times better than our old one when we first looked at the redesign, but it truly IS a thousand times better.
Jean Hibino, Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund

Your design really made this complex collection of information meaningful, and we both know that took a lot of effort. Getting just the right photos, balancing text and white space, making sure the publication flowed properly. And then all of those endless details — your patience and professionalism helped us produce a truly powerful report. I could go on, but suffice it to say, we're grateful!
Cindy Elder, Rhode Island Community Food Bank

I wanted to let you know I was editing my new MODX website and just love, love, LOVE the interface. It is so fast I just blew through the first two pages of changes in about 10 minutes! It is so smooth and so addicting I have to make myself stop working on the site and go back to work now!
Rose Saia, The Local Table Restaurant

I just want to say again what a great job you’re doing — this design did what I feared would be impossible: make a ton of copy look engaging while keeping it neat and vibrant. Well done! Thank you for your saintly patience with the copy. And, thank you for getting this to us so quickly! You have no idea how much we appreciate all the extra effort you are putting in on this project.
Samantha Prestia, Schultz & Williams

Though we’ve not worked intensively with one another for quite some time (because you made web management and updating so user-friendly for me), I just want to express my warm appreciation for the approach and values you bring to your work. We’ve been repeatedly commended for the quality of our website and at the core, that’s a tribute to your and Michael’s design and technical skills.
Richard Liroff, Investor Environmental Health Network

The positive feedback on the site has been overwhelming. One of our funders even noted how much the easy navigation reflects “network thinking” — they are planning to use this site as a model for other CDCs. Pretty impressive.
Marianna Leavy-Sperounis, Lawrence Community Works

I want to say “thank you” for being such a consummate professional and great person to work with, not only in environmental health, but in all the good work you do. It is truly an honor to work with you. Thanks also for yours and Michael’s ERs (emergency responses) to our chaotic requests!
Stephenie Hendricks, Contaminated Without Consent

I’m hearing from folks all over the state (including leaders at the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Economic Development) that the report is one of the most attractive they have ever seen. Awesome!
Marg Miley, Midas/MassAssets

One of the effects of your good work, is that you teach us all how to think about websites. As I work on my current site, I often find myself thinking, “What would David do here?” You have a huge influence on how I think about websites as strategic tools — what do we want from our site visitors, and how can we get their attention to smoothly go where we want it to?
Sanford Lewis, Strategic Counsel on Corporate Accountability

I’ve worked in the web software world since its inception and I can’t believe the crap I went through to get anything near satisfactory built over all those years compared to what you have done so well and so completely painlessly. THANK YOU! I’m particularly impressed with the many little details that you just knew to put in without my even thinking about them, and the solutions you came up with for things before they even became issues. BRAVO! Consider me a big fan!!
Clare Siska, Buffalo Gal Business Adventures

Congratulations on the fall issue. I just went through it and it is really terrific! The articles and blurbs are wonderful, and the layout, photos, and graphics are superb. Great job everyone!
Kathleen Rest, Union of Concerned Scientists

EVERYBODY LOVES WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!! To say that “Quaker Action” continues to work for us is an understatement. The kudos haven’t stopped coming in. People are thrilled. The response from readers has been overwhelmingly positive and staff are clamoring to get stories about their programs in the magazine.
Willie Colon, American Friends Service Committee

Our website is fabulous! I asked our receptionist to announce the unveiling of the site over the PA system. You could hear cheers and yeas from all over the Center.
Lori Foley, Northeast Document Conservation Center

We just received the printed reports and they look fantastic! You once again did a wonderful job of making us look good!
Maria Blais, Clean Energy States Alliance

I know our project isn’t quite finished — we have three more languages — but we wrapped on the the English version, and I’m so thankful to you for your patience, hard work, and attention to detail with this project. Many, many thanks! It’s been a pleasure working with you, and you’be been incredibly flexible with shirting deadlines, timelines, and point people.
Sharon Smith, Union of Concerned Scientists

You’re as important a part of the team as any activist or relief worker. It’s through you that we reach tens of thousands of people. I can’t tell you what kind of reactions we get to your work. I hope we have many more years and projects together.
John Treat, American Friends Service Committee

Now that the report is out, I wanted to circle back to thank you for your wonderful work (we have had good comments about its design already) and particularly for getting it done so quickly. Everyone was shocked that it was already out!
Yve Torre, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, UMass Lowell

God love ya! Incredible. Thanks so much. Not only is your work remarkable, the fact that you got all this done and set up over the weekend was way beyond the call.
Rhea Becker, Women in Film & Video/New England

Thanks David. We get so many compliments on the design of the report and website. We are very relieved to hear that you will work with us again, as it has been hard to find a designer with your talent and understanding of the issues. We cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into making this project such a success. For all the pain of the many crazy hours you all put into this, we hopefully took a small step forward in building momentum to change the way chemicals are managed in this country.
Alexandra McPherson, Clean Production Action

Kudos and appreciations for the wonderful design you did for AFSC's Annual Report. The comments have been universally positive from staff and it will be interesting to hear how our donors react to it. We don't always remember to thank behind-the-scenes folks and I wanted you to know we are grateful for your skill, vision — and patience with revisions!
M'Annette Ruddell, American Friends Service Committee

I just wanted to let you know that we have gotten good media coverage of the report. We are grateful for your significant role in making the report a reality — a very handsome reality. Your cover idea was a tremendous breakthrough; it is simply stunning. We very much appreciate your efforts and your commitment to helping nonprofit folks achieve good design.
Jane Rissler, Union of Concerned Scientists

Hi David, we got the English version from the printer — they look great! But also stomach-churningly graphic [Bedbug brochure], in a good way. They’ll definitely be read. Thank you.
Ava Chan, Allston Brighton CDC

It’s so beeyooteeful!
Gerry Henry, American Friends Service Committee

Well, that silly little report that filled my life for so many months arrived today from the printer!!! It actually looks fantastic, considering everything. I am going to take a copy home today and frame it! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your work and for making a “complicated” project look great.
Devon Rothschild, The Ecological Society of America

This is just beautiful. The fonts and heading at the top feel perfect . . . fun, crisp, clear. . . . This is not your grandmother's newsletter anymore.!!! Yay. I love it.
Beth Petr, Acton-Boxborough Public Schools

Thank you. Working with you is a dream. You were receptive, honored my ideas, and helped to take me through the process. It can be scary to contemplate a design project, and throughout this process I felt truly supported. I absolutely love the finished product!
Karen Lock Kolp, Author & Podcast Host